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Fun Facts

There is no need to fret about this app taking up space because it only takes up amount of space. Thats only amount of a gigabyte!

Did you know this app was going to be a social networking app before we came up with ConnGo?

We had 12 apps made by everyone of us and we didn't use any of their main ideas to make ConnGo.

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Our App

ConnGo is designed to send out confirmed alerts to inform parents, teachers, administrators, and first responders in a crisis or a time of need. ConnGo is designed to lower brightness and decrease sound in order to not draw attention. In order to keep everything secure and relevant, administrators and first responders are able to communicate freely whereas teachers and students have limited access/messaging in order to ensure legitimacy and enforce accountability. Parents are allowed to receive real time updates as the scenario unfolds. Some other enhanced security options are the GPS locater and a heightened security login are key features to our application.

Now, you may be wondering &quotWhat does ConnGo actually do?" Well, ConnGo can do many things:

  • It will allow the users(different roles) to receive,view real time and accurate messages from the administrators.

  • There is a map of the school available in the app, and it can be accessed only by certain users(admin, teachers and students).

  • There is a built in GPS locator and bio log-in(fingerprint scanner).

  • There are optional pre-written messages for admin and only pre-written messages for students.

Anyone using ConnGo will be connected with the other users using the app. This app is mainly used for emergencies or notifications that the school would normally send out using a phone call.
For example:

  1. If there is a power outage, the administrators will contact everyone who has an account using the app and tell them school is cancelled with the press of a button.
  2. Or if there is a lockdown and a student is stuck out in the hallway, they will be able to send a prewritten message to the administrators and teachers, but not the parents, informing them about your whereabouts.

The app will start with a login page where a person will login according to their role in the app. Depending on what category they fall under the app will load the proper screens. Then they will be brought to the home page where they can navigate to multiple screens from there.

Roles of Users

Within ConnGo there are four roles that a person can take on, depending on their position within the school system.

  • Administrators will be able to send messages to anyone, when the app is activated. The administrators will also receive messages from teachers, students and first responders.

  • Teachers can send messages to both the administrators and students but they will not be able to contact the parents using the app.

  • Students will receive messages from the Administrators and Teachers but will only be allowed to send only pre-written messages to Administrators.

  • Parents will only receive messages from the Administrators, they can not send any messages. The main point of this role is to give the parents a spot in our community and keep them properly informed on what is happening.

Why Use ConnGo?

We have decided to make this app mainly because of the incident of 12-14-12. As a whole we wanted to make a change and help everyone else, not just ourselves. There does not seem to be a proper way to communicate throughout the schools especially in times of chaos, so a designated and simple way is needed to communicate, connect and protect. Our solution is ConnGo.

Well, why should I use ConnGo over texting? First off ConnGo is a simplified way to send important messages within the school system. In the event something big were to occur in the area, phone lines will be slow and it is nearly impossible to reach anyone. ConnGo will use a different way to send messages, so jammed phone lines will not have to be a problem for us.

As an administrator in any community it is way harder to send out a single message to every family and every staff member, so we have made that a million times easier. With the touch of a button they could select all of the parents and send out a message. Don't forget ConnGo is a multiplatform application, so it can be found on both the Android and IOS marketplaces.

ConnGo's Design

Our app developers have kept this app simple and clean in order to offer its users a consistent and easy experience when using the app. Everything is aligned so it best suits its users and brings them satisfaction.

Our challenge was to incorporate &quotResponsible Design- inspired by nature" in our application. The way ConnGo is designed, the relationship between the user and the app is mutual when it comes to reliability and responsibility. By using our application you play a responsible role in the community, and our application allows you to do that in a secure and accurate way. By using our app miss communication is avoided and false information will be no longer present.

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