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Fun Facts

In almost one month we pulled together and finished all of our jobs. I have been working on this website for a little over three weeks!

There used to be thirteen of us at the beginning, but we lost two of them before the first semester ended.

All of the information on our team is here.

About Our Crew

Hi, my name is Paul, I am the website designer/coder for 203Tree. Most of the websites contents was made by me, but I did not make of the visuals. The credit for those would go to Ellie, our main graphic designer. I enjoy coding in general so this was a good opportunity for me to expand my knowledge on coding in general. Also I play soccer, I played for the high school team in the fall and now for a premier team based in New Milford.

Hello, my name is Colin. I am the Marketing Wizard for 203Tree, I have designed the majority of the business cards, with a little help from my friend Mike. I enjoy long walks on the beach. Recently I have found a passion for lifting weights and exercising. My favorite sport is bocce. I do not play for any teams but I do enjoy to play with my friends. People like me because I am usually on time for events and am very respectful to everyone.

Hi i'm Kyle Troy. I have several interests that make me a key part of this team! Technology, computers, Apple, and app development in &quotX-Code" help to make me the developer I am. Whenever I want to get something I research it extensively to the point where I know nearly everything about it. On a more personal side, I have two mini-dachshunds, whose names are Harry and Minie. I really enjoy working with computers and spending my time developing, that's why my position in this team is the IOS Developer!

Hello, my name is Michael. I am a Marketing Expert at 203Tree. I love my job at the 203Tree and look forward to work everyday. I enjoy lifting weights with my fellow co-workers and wrestling.

Hello, I'm Catherine. I am working in the marketing department here at 203Tree. I enjoy reading and playing video games during my free time. Also, I am a member of our school's chess club and art club.

Hello, my name is James, I am Social Networking Specialist and Commercial Analyst at 203Tree Company. Everyday brings new expectations for me and the creativity level is extremely high to help get our daily objective finished. I love playing soccer, lacrosse, basketball and track.

Hi, I'm Ellie and I am the graphics guru at 203Tree. In my free time, I enjoy playing ice hockey, surfing the web, and playing or listening to music. I play the guitar and ukulele, and a few of my favorite bands include Tegan and Sara, The Cliks, This Condition, and Sublime.

Hello, I'm Emily and I am the White Paper writer and Social Media manager for our 203Tree company. I enjoy writing and am interested in Social Media so I believe my job is perfect for my taste. During my spare time I enjoy swimming competitively or spending time with friends and family.

Hi, my name is Brandon and I am the Android app developer for 203Tree. App designing has always interested me and I continue to learn more about apps everyday! In my spare time I swim, hang out with my friends, listen to music, and use my computer.

Hi, I'm David Anderson and I work in marketing for 203 Tree. I enjoy technology, skiing, and spending time with friends in my free time. I also play on the Newtown High school lacrosse team. I live with my parents my sister and my dog Max. I am looking forward to making and marketing ConnGo and watch what it will become.

Hello, I am Rilind and I am working in the App design and research departments in the 203Tree company. The atmosphere that prevails everyday in our company is what it makes my experience with the other colleagues a great and unforgettable experience. I am very excited about the actual project we are doing and feel very optimistic about the results of this amazing app that is in production. Within my many passions, the ones I would pick out are reading and writing.

The Company, 203Tree.

Here at 203Tree, everyone is hard working, passionate, talented and have a great relationship with each other. As a result of our continuous, hard and collaborative work we have managed to achieve a great deal of accomplishments and look forward to future projects.

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